Live Among Friends In Student Housing

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Going away to college in North Carolina can be an exciting experience. As you prepare to leave home and live without your parents, you may be anxious about being alone. One way to alleviate those feelings is to live in student housing. There are several forms of housing designed specifically for young adults who are away from home for the first time.

Residence halls, also known as dorms, are preferred by many students because they are the least expensive housing option at college. A lot of students live together in Read more…

Lodging With Legroom: Student Housing

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Whether you are looking for student housing at the Art Institute of Charleston or you want to find your place at Francis Marion University, you will find that there are a few things to consider. You’ve probably heard all kinds of horror stories about dorm rooms, so take a moment to consider what you need to know.

First, only room with a friend if you know each other very well. You may be lonely at the beginning, but your friend will still be on campus even if you don’t share a room. Read more…

Free At Last! Student Housing In North Carolina

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Student housing is the first real freedom that most teens experience. Finally, they are out from under their parents’ roof and on their own. This can definitely translate to the feeling of being free at last.

One of the first steps in claiming this new space is decorating the room or apartment in one’s own style. For students in student housing in North Carolina, that can mean that this is a great time to take advantage of the great shopping available in the state. Scour local thrift shops to Read more…

Student Housing: My Independent Space

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One of the most exciting things about going off to college is getting to live on your own for the first time. While the dorm experience is wonderful for many students, others have preferred to take this time to live in an apartment. It feels more like being in one’s own space, without RAs constantly on the patrol and removed enough from the college experience that it doesn’t feel as though you are at college 24/7.

By renting student housing instead, you can choose who you live with or Read more…

Student Housing: The Right Space For Me

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New and returning North Carolina college students often must find suitable housing before they can begin classes. For many students, this can be a dilemma if they have never before lived on their own. When they check out housing, students and their parents should keep several criteria in mind. Paying attention to several factors can help students locate good housing that will help them enjoy successful semesters.

Most colleges and universities require that incoming freshmen live in dormitories or with family members. Dormitories offer new students a great opportunity to Read more…

Affordable And Accommodating Apartments For Students

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Finding the ideal, affordable apartment as a student is not difficult. People who rent apartments want them occupied because empty apartments cost the landlord money. Before embarking on an apartment search, figure out what you need.

What Kind of Apartment is Affordable?

One person doesn’t need a two bedroom apartment. A studio apartment or a one bedroom apartment will fill the need. If you eat most of your meals at the campus cafeteria, in local restaurants or thrive on take-out food, Read more…